"the dog leads the fool"

select your fate






07/16/20: posted chapter 9. i went over the older chapters and revised chapter 2; man, my writing has greatly improved since i started this story.

06/09/20: it's here. from personal experience i can tell you that corona doesn't spread after you've gotten well over it. let me breathe on you

05/22/20: read a lot, new page is up. sacred geometry goes into car logos just so retard can drive his truck around as if he's osiris who just found his penis. the statue of liberty likely is isis looking for osiris' dick

05/02/20: finished an oblivion video. i recently learned that the person who was responsible for my illness, had been in the hospital because of it ('deathly ill' in his own words) with obvious symptoms of covid-19, and yet after being tested twice, came up negative both times. this is fucking bullshit. i am almost certain that i have had the virus, but i would like some final confirmation, damn it. so much for the number of confirmed cases when the tests can fail. i'm totally fine at the moment, but i'm concerned about potential long term consequences. i don't know if this potentially stays in your system like hiv.

04/16/20: seems i am alright. if i had corona this was nothing more than a low grade fever and some fatigue. didn't get tested because where i live they only test people who have bad cases. unless you live in somewhere like germany where they are cracking down hard on this, do not trust the numbers; there are tons of people out there with either no symptoms or with mild sypmtoms spreading this, and you have no certain idea how your immune system will handle it.

04/09/20: chapter 7 of final american 2002 is complete, i might have the virus     no joke i can only wait and see how i do in the coming days to find out