The new Star Wars Resistance Feminist Mary Sue Antifa Movie, The han soyboy solo story... a Social Justice Wars SJW feature film aiming at selling baby toys while promoting an anti-male-anti-StarWars agenda, brought to you by rich, privileged Hollywood Capitalists. May the Forces of the kekistani people and the wrath of Xchan save sci-fi, fantasy and superheroes from greedy fundamentalist feminazi cunts and their hate against the kind of star wars that made it great in the first fucking place.

Toppity top kek. Tip toppity top. Honk Honk! That's a Trump meme masterpiece right there. It's such a good top kek. Makes my kek flow free lel xd. True top kek warrior. The greatest top kek troll in history. Top bgt kalo soal sarana dan prasarana Cuma kalo untuk siswa-siswanya, ya sama aja kek. Kek Top sama Top.

Cuckchan /pol/ is literally a dead board, 4/pol/ these days is just SJW Tumblrina refugees faggots safe space pile of garbage and filled with bullshit porpaganda. /pol/ on 4chan is pretty much filled with SJWs, normalniggers and leftards. Fucking newfags can't stop using the bullshit mainstream media slur/slang such as """alt-right"""". Well 4chan is already a dead place anyway, there's no better place whatsoever. 4shit is already a hugbox for Redditors, SJWs, leftyfaggots and machoist trap closet faggots. I don't really need to deal with this stupidity on this site in general.

Calling out all #fakenews, Pepe Says We Have Everything. I guaran-fucking-tee you that I have more Christ-chans in my folder than you have words to respond with in your vocabulary.

An Entire Autistic Dipshit Post. Literally Throw your internet in the Running shower. Actual Intellectual Absence. Trump Fucks your mom and Saves this country while spinning a basketball on one Finger while the Rest of the planet turns into fucking ash. Stay Gooned by your "mYh cEnTRaLi\SmIStIsM eVeRyOnE sUcKs eQuIvALeNtLy iM tHe oNlY pURe oNe" Rhetoric dogshit. This board is the most unironically cringe inducing circlejerk on this website. 100% cringe, 0% dankness. Do you even 4chan bro? Not worthy of Kek's praise BRUH. Get memed on.

no-dick mcfuckface:
age 22
favorite food: memeloaf
major fuckwad, will only communicate in ironic memes
unable to consume anything but garbage
crossposts from 4chan to facebook like a subhuman, pees in bottles so he can brag about it on /r9k/ facebook groups
body odor smells like pizza pringles and cum
always quick to be the first to call you a degenerate or autist
works at a grocery store and shuns NEETs whenever he encounters them
spends hours trying to get dubs, got quads once and jerked off to loli asmr to celebrate after posting it to facebook
watches YLYL compilations for hours at a time, doesn't even enjoy them
secretly masturbates to twitch whores
refuses to make original content or have an original thought
pretending to live in order to avoid real death, his corpse still animates long after his brain was melted by pepes. there may be a soul or intellect within him, but it is denied to avoid pain.

Maybe I'm just more paranoid but I see a ton of places where discussion is controlled and one high profile place where it isn't, and that one free place being CONSTANTLY flooded with retardery and white noise. I can't help but sense conspiracy behind it, a handful of puppetmasters trying to corral people into controlled forums. They use 'memes', at this point it's simply psyops, to get people to endlessly parrot stupid shit and make actual discussion impossible, and they go along with it because they're idiot teenagers who can't see two feet in front of their face and would literally die for memes. It's all tedious as fuck but there's no saving it either way. Honestly I'm so tired of the way the world's going when even the people opposed to this sort of thing are so profoundly contemptible and have proven with the shit they say that they fully deserve all the shit they say is being done to them. It's all depressing as fuck. I'm just waiting for the series I like to finish up or get translated and then who knows? Maybe suicide. I don't sense a bright future ahead anon.

Theres no discipline, no sense of "group sacredness", just simple triggers of pleasure, which includes ironic weeaboo/porn spam and meme spam in general to vaguely feel like a part of a group, instead of being an actual part of a close knit group and caring/respecting its injokes

Right now we are stuck in perpetual ironic-shitposting mode, to avoid looking in the mirror.


poopsockin it 👌 💯

stop allowing the ravings of the masses from altering your experience

the television is utilized by irresponsible authority figures to create degenerative personalities in eternally vulnerable people. the internet is largely the same; the power structures may change but the methods and goals are the same: collective consciousness arising as a result of social media. in the past we had advertising and brands, certain channels and newscasters. now these are replaced by memes, half assed ideologies, youtubers, and twitch "influencers". all websites are now interconnected, and genuine thought is hampered by the statuesque smiling swarm. it is a corrupted state where instead of group action towards a higher goal, you're collectively blowing your load to top keks and dank lels.

Me miserable! which way shall I flie
Infinite wrath, and infinite despair?
Which way I flie is Hell; my self am Hell;
And in the lowest deep a lower deep
Still threatning to devour me opens wide,
To which the Hell I suffer seems a Heaven.

Nonono, I mean think of the example you're setting for other users. If everyone was too busy calling each other shills, then there would be nothing to discuss at all. It's like trying to cleanse all the ills of the world with a giant fire, but it will not fix everything because nothing will be left anymore. Removing the cancerous tissue through criticism is only one half of the solution, the other half is setting an example how it should be done.
For example, you call me a shill, and you tell me why you think I'm a shill. This way, I know where your accusations are coming from, and we have a way to discuss whether your claims are bullshit or not in front of everyone in the thread. Here you set the example that you should explain yourself rather than making low-effort posts one could think he's fully justified in making because he has the intangible power of the majority backing him. That's not how it can always work.
Then after stating why trying instigate discussions about video games in a very PR-like fashion is a bad way of going about it, you present an example of how it should be ideally done. The change in the world starts with you, as they say. It'd be nice if calling people niggers would make the world a better place, but that's just not how it works.
>Yes, getting rid of cancer like you helps the board.
How does that even work? Calling people names on the internet to the point where they're bullied so hard they no longer have the courage to go on the internet anymore? Seriously, explain to me and everyone else in the thread how your method of improving /v/ is supposed to work in thorough detail, and if you think it is actually working.

"The only thing you need to do to break a negative hypnotic spell that has been cast on you is begin to think rationally, to begin to think critically. And if you decide that you choose this message as one that's good for you, by all means sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. But, if you decide that this is not something you want to have in your life, just simply analyze it, criticise it, ridicule it, and say "Hey, that's not how the world works." And you'll have protected your mind from taking on board something which you really don't need." ----The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Clifford Mee and Igor Ledochowski, re the section entitled "The Dark Side of Hypnosis."

Daydreaming is absolutely the opposite of 'useful' mental activity. Observation of the activity of imagination and daydreaming forms a very important part of self-study.

My oh my, the lull of video games and anime was so sweet. Being absorbed in anime and videogames is like being on drugs. And when it's over I snap out of it and I'm crying on the bathroom floor.
The problem is that escapism is that it's not permanent. No matter how much fun you have playing a video game once it ends you are back in the real world. You can't escape forever.

Daily reminder that as far as engineered societal decay goes, the plan isn't to get you to agree with it, but to normalize it in your brain so that your backlash to it is one of less shock and outrage.
Well, observe downward societal trends and their causes.

Wisdom comes from realizing that what's best for the collective is what's best for the individual, in the long run. This was a point Mencius made over 2000 years ago. It's far better to have half of a billion dollars than all of a million. It's better to be a baron in a thriving country than the emperor of a landfill. An individual who seeks to increase his own share of the pie at society's expense ultimately reduces the total area of the pie. He gets more and more of less and less. Like a parasite that sucks its host organism dry, and dies along with it.

The light is the perfect identity to wear if you are a manipulative, using, spiritual parasite being. Spiritual parasites feed when negative emotions arise in others who have a reservoir of stored emotional energy from being in positive emotional states. They cause fear and suffering to do this, such as eliciting sacrifices for the supposed gods.

The soul is distributed over the whole body and beyond it in a cloud-like or ocean-like matter. It would be pretty accurate to say also that your soul lies "wherever your awareness stretches or is focused". All your cells have a little bit of awareness to them and as such have souls which resonate with and connect to each other and form a super soul for your whole body; which in turn is embedded in a greater world soul and a soul of physicality (the demiurge). Your spirit interfaces with your soul through awareness + will by a process of resonance.

[1] Our own mind is the only thing we can be absolutely certain exists and is the only thing we can ever know directly. [2] Matter is only known through the mind. [3] We cannot reduce something we know directly to something we know through it, and we cannot reduce something we know with certainty for something we are uncertain of. [4] Therefore, we cannot reduce the mind and consciousness to matter and the brain... Without a mind or consciousness the very concept of "knowing" or "being aware of something" makes no sense. If you were not a conscious mind you could not know or learn anything. Matter is one of these things you could not know or learn about.

People think of tyranny as a purely external force. That is absolutely not the case. Your own natural impulses are far more corrupting, far more deceptive, far more oppressive than any gun toting tyrant ever was. In the modern age, Western rulers no longer need to threaten and assault their own citizens with massive displays of force to maintain control. They need only sit back and watch as people demoralize themselves, dumb themselves down, and keep an eye out for the occasional anomaly.

You feel weak because you are finally aware of your weakness. You're disgusted because you're aware of your depravity. Awareness is the first step though; you ARE moving in the right direction. You see, when you find a flaw you have to fix, you first acknowledge it, then attack it, then conquer it. It doesn't happen all at once. Right now you're attacking. Sometimes it feels like you're losing. But you are growing stronger. Like a muscle, your willpower will develop as you use it and challenge it. That is, as long as you never give up. When you fall, get back on your feet, start running again, and don't stop. You'll get there eventually. Who you're running to is more powerful than what you're running from.

1. confidence comes from practice, and all of life is practice. Practice things, stick with them, persevere and become good at them, you will gain confidence in them and in general.
2. if you do not want to submit anymore, you must fight, and never stop fighting.
fight against the sloth, the fear, the hesitation, the doubt. when you hear it whispering to you to lie down, or stay in bed, or any away from something that you want to do, or need to do, then shout at it, punch it right in the face and stand up and start doing that thing.
every time you do it, you will become better at fighting, against yourself, your self doubt, and against the world, nature, and negative people. you will develop your inner fighter over time

>I got no creativity.
>My head feels under pressure and games and internet are constantly on my mind
These two statements are at odds with one another. It's the same part of your mind at work in both cases. The only problem you have is that you're used to using your creative mind to appreciate other people's creativity, rather than your own.

The fundamental flaw with humanity, if you can call it a flaw, is that we are corporeal beings, only by experiencing something can we know what it is. You can only know not to eat too much once you've experienced the pain of a belly ache. In similar regard, if you've never experienced sadism and have lived life in a bubble, a small taste can be quite thrilling but then leave you sick of it. Only someone who has killed can truly say what they might do when given that choice again. Taoists understood this best, only those that had lead a life of sin and overcome temptation were allowed to become leaders of others. That's not to say people don't have a choice, but they live with clouded thoughts completely unaware of a choice. To wake them up means they could in fact choose to rape or kill and some of them might, the fear of this leads to control through mental tricks commonly understood as psychology.

If your perversion is as powerful as you make it seem, you will have a hard time overcoming it.

I forgot to say, if you are struggling with problems regarding your own personality, be aware that you are not a finished individual, but an evolving organism that will be affected by your own world views. If your belief scheme is meant to protect you from the pains of turning a stone into a beautiful statue, you should just get rid of this scheme because it's bad, and not only bad but also false.