the emoji hive

you don't want to be here, but you have to; you're forced to go

they know you're here; everyone knows you're here

they're looming, always, waiting for their excuse

you're staying quiet, with your head down, trying not to spur them, even if it's fruitless

it's not time yet, so they mock your attempts to hide

you don't want to be here

but they do

and they are getting sick of your hiding

you don't know what you ever did wrong

but you're going to be punished for it

a few surround, mimicking; they know how you'll feel

everyone starts to laugh

and it begins

they sink their teeth into you

and they laugh

and they don't stop

and you know they aren't going to stop until it's over

you're trying to silently brave through it

but you're helpless, and they watch you fall

and they kick

where it really hurts

this one laughs at how you ever thought that you would be successful

this one ridicules your very thoughts and how you think

this one hates your appearance and personality; it copies you at beyond your worst

and you believe that it's really you

this one hates how you ever thought that anyone or anything loved you

but the emoji hive loves you

this one grins at how you ever thought that you were good in any way

this one lets you know that you wish you were seeing just stars after this

these ones remind you that no one you tell will be able to help you

this one mocks your ruination

and they show you that you're hurt

and that you can't take it

you're still on the ground, now gasping for air, gagging

your entire body is throbbing, and it swells in your throat


you can't hold it back


and you puke

and it pukes back screaming



some of them are leaving


they're going to a party


your party


you don't get to go


that's because you're here


there is no darkness within the emoji hive; only its smile



say it

I do not want to go back to the emoji hive

say thank you

I do not want to go back to the emoji hive thank you


see you tomorrow