a machine designed to suffer.
a meaningless life in a meaningless universe.
a bag of blood to be gulped down.

Your only value is in your organs and meat.

Just meat.

Just meat. Just meat. Just meat. You are just meat. To be eaten.

brain meat. brain meat. empty meat box...

puke! puke! you are puke! where's your contribution to the machine, puke? spill your blood, your lifeforce exists for us.

You're not special. You're not perfect. Why doesn't your brain contain a soul? Just let yourself die so that we can finally deal with the shit that you are.

You don't actually exist, but you suffer anyways.

zero worth in a worthless world. pathetic. regular people are happy, but you're not. that's because you're not real. that's because you feel brain chemicals. and they're wrong.

please just die.