1. no pain no hurt no bad feelie no cry no frownie never an owie only grins and smiles and giggles and laughs fun fun happy happy good good and no bad

2. yummy yum candy fun waffles and cakes cookies and shakes gooey cooey yummy funny squishy milky sweets happy sweets and sugary teeth

3. smiley smileys funny friends til the end true true never blue warm grins chin to chin cheek to cheek forever squish and squeak happy happy fun fun happy friends never alone never bad always be forever free

4. always glowing always smiling the happy screens fun fun friend world always never gone only here always here with me make feel good forever with me

5. happy happy good games friendly games powerful happy hero and fun always fun always friends always good i am always the hero with power with friends with games

6. friends make big make big make happy happy happy for the ultimate fun surrounded always yes never leave me always love yes yes always with friends yes deeper with friends yes please forever i love i exist yes yes yes yes yes pew pew yes happy

7. innocent and happy happy no hurt tv and games warm glowy funny mommy colors cute squishy cartoons make feel good feel good smile and laugh tv friends never sad never bad happy happy

8. laughing fun always fun no sad only glad only tv fun fun happy friends all smiling happy games happy candy mommy please mommy please please im happy please

9. no baddies no baddies i wont feel pain i wont get hurt i will never cry nothing must ever hurt no pain no pain cant suffer cant cry cant hurt i cant die i wont die i wont die i wont die i will never die i cant

10. laugh laugh laugh