honestly anyone who got bullied in school deserved it. if you can't fit in you don't deserve to exist. eat boogers or die kid. don't like boogers? well i hope you like knuckle sandwiches faggot. lick glue off your fingers or go to hell. don't forget if you DARE try to be smarter or better than us, we will lower you right the fuck back down to where you ought to be.

better start eating that glue bitch. oh you don't want to? oh boy... i made the last kid who didn't eat glue kill himself.

no glue, no friends. when we're not mercilessly making fun of you, you'll be all alone, and the teachers won't help you because they don't like you either.

what you tryin' to TEACH me something? what are you BETTER than me?

should've ate more glue pal.


FUCK YOU for having good grades. you know how many boogers i've eaten? A LOT. but i don't have good grades! unless it's about boogers or glue, don't talk to me, and if you do, you're goin' straight to detention where there's all the glue you should've eaten.


2 weeks suspension for me punchin' you in the face fucker

it doesn't MATTER that you're more fit than me! you don't like SPORTS, so you don't EXIST.

by the way, while your parents are screaming at you and grounding you for being suspended, i get to go camping with my dad and uncle. i'm gonna tell them all about the faggot kid who gave me a free vacation

say goodbye to GOOD GRADES! you got suspended for getting your ass kicked so now you're behind on all your work! uh oh...



oh man im all out of glue... now they're gonna kick my butt...


honestly if you didn't eat glue in school you deserved to be tormented. the only kids i knew who never ate glue were the weird autists and the retards, and those people shouldn't be allowed to live.

i am PRO CHILD RAPE AND PROUD! why child rape? raping kids gives them the trauma in life they need to grow up strong. when kids don't grow up traumatized, they end up soft like your pussy ass. kids need to be tortured and put through agony, and autistic retards ought to be put in cages and tazed until they conform. after curling up into a ball while crying and pissing themselves, they will return to their fellow students, ready to pay attention and LEARN. if you disagree you are an entitled special snowflake.

if you got raped as a kid you deserved it, because of karma. i'm doing all the raping, and all i see are sinners.

i am PRO CHILD LOBOTOMY AND PROUD! those little shits need to sit down and shut the fuck up. a hyper kid ought to be put on every drug they have to keep that fucker quiet. lobotomy patients are damn quiet, that's why all kids should be lobotomized so they can pay attention. why the fuck wouldn't you want to listen to the teacher so you get good grades and a good JOB. you should obey authority because they are RESPONSIBLE, and they wouldn't be authority unless they were. i have no kids and i will never have any.